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All Night Long (1982)
"Chantal Akerman's Toute Une Nuit is another sort of urban nocturne. The mode is austere, the sensibility sweet, and the violence all conceptual. Set in blandest Brussels some steamy summer night, the films is fashioned from the shards of two dozen pulverized melodramas... Locations crisscross as characters meet and embrace, dance and split up, yank each other into cabs, or simply watch everyone else in the throes of passion...
Akerman meanwhile establishes a choreography of indoors and out, upstairs and down, attraction and rejection."
- J. Hoberman, Village Voice

"Toute Une Nuit has the power to Hypnotize"
- Vincent Canby, New York Times

"One of the best films of the Eighties"
- Jim Jarmusch, Premiere Magazine
A. Abazoglu, F. Aendenboom, N. Akerman, V. Alain, P. Allio, J. Bauduin, F. Beukelaers,
M. Blondeel, P. Bombled, I. Carranza, G. Claes, A. Clément, C. Cothendy, N. Colchat, E. De Barcy, D. De Batist, L. De Buyl, J. Decleir, J. Decorte, I. De Vos, A. Dugauquier, M.-A. Dutheil,
L. De Koning, P. Ekkers, B. erken, D. Errera, P. Forget, H. Gillis, C. Graindorge, B. Grauman,
L. Grauman, M. Karchevsky, T. Karyo, N. Keseman, P. Lampe, F. Landrain, G. Lapiower,
H. Lapiower, J.-P. Laroche, S. Lastreto, C. Leboutte, C. Locantore, C. Lomme, M. Lussan,
S. Mihaud, C. Nelissen, G. Oudart, J. Patrick, J. Pauwels, B. Paquay, P. Pizzuti, J. Pirlet,
R. Plate, I. Pousseur, B. Rawitz, N. Rosiers, V. Rouche, F. Roy, M. Schiffman, M. Schreiber,
V. Silver, P. Simon, S. Szlingerbaum, J.-P. Trefois, N. Valberg, H. van Lier, F. Vercheval, J. Viala,
P. Vaernewijk, H. Van Mieghem, N. Willame, S. Willems, P. Wooitsch, B. Yerles

Directed by
Chantal Akerman

Written by
Chantal Akerman

Caroline Champetier
François Hernandez
Mathieu Schiffman

Ricardo castro
Miguel Rejas
Henri Morelle
Daniel Deshays

Luc Barnier
Véronique auriscote

Ma révérence performed by Véronique Sanson - Editions Piano Blanc
Kindertotenlieder (off denk ich sie sind nur ausgegangen), Gustav Malher performed by Lucy Grauman and Benjamin Rawitz
L'amor perdonerà performed by Gino Lorenzi - disc R.C.A PB : 8578 - Editions Amplitude
Train bleu Monte Carlo